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Competition Details

Checklist for competition:


Blue jeans for practice

Blue DRA T-shirt for practice

Black jeans

Dark Blue jeans (Elite)

Black chaps

Black bling belt

White bling belt (Elite)

Black gloves (Allstar)

Black undershirt

White undershirt

Theme costume/accessories

Spurs (if you have/need them)

Saddle (if you have your own)

Saddle pad (if you have your own)

Folding metal saddle rack(if you have one)

Grooming supplies (if you have them)

Black cowboy hat

Cowboy boots

Any other Diamond D apparel

Drink/snack (for our team snack table)


For those of you hauling your own horse:

Water buckets




Feed tub

Grooming/bathing supplies

Saddle rack


Saddle pad

Pitchfork/manure tub (if you want to have your own, otherwise you can share with everyone else). ”


Competition Arrival Time:

~The  Varsity team will be practicing on Friday afternoon and performing on Saturday.

Riders practicing on Friday should arrive by 2:00pm to help unload gear and get the horses situated in their stalls. Varsity will practice from 4:00pm-4:30pm on Friday.

Awards for Saturdays show will be given out after the all the performances are completed.


~The All Star and Elite teams will be practicing on Saturday afternoon and performing on Sunday. All Star and Elite will practice at 5:00pm-6:00pm on Saturday. 

Riders practicing on Saturday should arrive by 3:00pm to prepare for practice. These riders will help to load gear and horses in to the trailers on Sunday after the competition.

~We will have the stalls reserved for the whole weekend so any riders bringing their personal horses are welcome to arrive on either Friday or Saturday. Competition fees include stall rental and shavings for personal and Dabney horses. 

~Since there will only be 1-2 teams performing each day, we are trying to reduce the amount of people traffic in our barn isle. We encourage you to cheer on our teams from the stands on the day your rider is not performing but you are not required to stay. Riders with personal horses are welcome in the barn isle at anytime to care for their horses. Our barn isle stays very busy during competition time and needs to be easily accessible to prepare horses and riders for their next performance. We ask that the barn isle be treated as a "back stage" area more than a hang out area. 

Competition Address:  

Rabun County Arena

100 E Boggs Mountain Road

Tiger, GA 30576

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